Today, every aspect of our lives is fulfilled with great cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity.  We believe our Cuban Culture connects across that diversity.  It is our mission to converge and flourish that culture.  Our work touches people because it is created and performed by Cubans.

It is not a trend, it’s our nature!!

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Why Choose Us?

Our cigars are blended and manufactured following our ancient and unique Cuban traditions creating rich fully suave, pleasantly aromatic, and intriguingly tasty cigars.

We use a carefully chosen blend of selected tobaccos grown from Cuban seeds. A combination of Dominican, Honduran, Peruvian and Nicaraguan Fillers wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano Binder bring perfect balance to our line of cigars complementing our Ecuadorian, Cameroon and San Andreas Wrappers to achieve the highest of flavors.

“VALUE is our number one priority.”

Affordably priced and excellent quality cigars coupled with artistic accessories.

“CONSISTENCY is our mission.”

Always improving and finding new avenues to offer our clients a combination of traditional and cutting-edge products.

“A HAPPY CUSTOMER is our goal.”

Every cigar aficionado wants to enjoy an excellent cigar, recommended by a knowledgeable and educated staff, from an elegant and friendly establishment. Because when it comes to cigars, smokers are always right! 

About Us

Fernando Morales


Mr. CIGARS was created by Fernando Morales, born, and raised in Havana, Cuba, and a third generation Cigar Roller. He started My Cigar Roller in 2009, a company that specializes in providing highly skilled Cuban Cigar Rollers to perform cigar rolling demonstrations at high end events worldwide.

After 10 years and numerous events, constantly receiving complements about the quality and taste of his cigars and enjoying excellent reviews about his service, he decided to open his first cigar boutique in Little Havana, Miami, Florida and start his own brand of cigars giving birth to Mr. CIGARS.


We are conveniently located in Calle Ocho & 16th Avenue, considered the heart and center of social life in Little Havana.  Most of the neighborhood’s festivals and events take place along this main strip.  Well-known for its brightly painted roosters, colorful art-deco architecture, family-run fruit stands, and Cuban coffee shops, the lively strip is full of sights, sounds, and delights.

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